Welcome to my site dedicated to Weber grill reviews!  I am a huge Weber
fan.  I own a Genesis 1000 LX, an 18 inch One Touch Silver, a Weber rotisserie a 22 inch
Platinum, an 18 inch Weber Smokey Mountain and have a 14 inch Weber
Smokey Joe Gold sitting in its original box in the garage. I also have a strange fascination with Weber Flavorizer Bars

Even though I am one of Weber’s biggest fans I do not believe every one of
their grills is fantastic.  They have some grills that I am only lukewarm
about and some grills that are quite simply a bad idea.  I have used this site
as an excuse to play around at specialty grill stores putting my hands on as
many of these grills as possible.

I can summarize my Weber grill reviews pretty easy:
•        If you are interested in gas grills then the
Weber Genesis E-310 is

•        If you are interested in charcoal grills I highly recommend one of the
22 inch models, the One Touch Gold, Platinum or Performer, depending upon
which features you value.

•        If you want a smoker then the
22 inch Weber Smokey Mountain is the
best smoker ever. Period.

•        I would never consider buying the 18 inch One Touch Gold, the Char-
Q or the Spirit 210.  

•        I have written my opinions on the
Weber-Q line of grills but take them
with a grain of salt as I am not a fan of portable gas grills in general.

•        The
portable charcoal grills (Smokey Joe Silver, Smokey Joe Gold,
GoAnywhere) are all great.  I explain the differences with some nice videos
so you can pick which one will suit your needs. My personal favorite is the Weber Jumbo Joe.

I have written more Weber grill reviews for other models in these pages.  
There are a little over forty models covered in total.  While I was
researching and writing I got sidelined by the
history of the Genesis gas
grills as well as the intellectual property of Weber as a whole.  If you have
an interest in such things feel free to take a look.

took me over ten years to figure out that Weber grills were worth the
money. A Weber grill will last twice as long and
perform twice as well making them worth four times as much.  I hope this
site makes your journey towards Weber ownership a little faster than mine.

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