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Weber Grill Review
This grill gets a mixed review from me.  I went to the store with cash in my pocket fully
intending to walk out with this grill and left with a different one instead.

When I put my hands on this grill I discovered that the lid was extremely heavy and
awkward to handle.  This might seem trivial but boy did it matter to me.  If I was having
trouble handling this grill in the middle of a store how would I do when the lid was
scorching hot and I was holding a platter of burgers in my other hand?  I wanted a grill
this big but didn't really need it.  

Another thing that swayed me against the 26.75” OTG was the cost.  For $300 I could
either buy one 26.75” OTG or I could buy two 22.5” OTGs.  If I was trying to justify my
purchase on the need to feed a lot of people it actually made more sense to go with two
22.5” OTGs as the combined grilling area of 794 square inches easily beats the 561
square inches offered by the 26.75”.

In the end I left the store with the 22.5" OTP and have never regretted it for a moment.  
Lots of folks have the 26.75” OTG and love them.  It just wasn't the right grill for me.  
26.75" Weber Charcoal Grill

The 26.75” One Touch Gold is like the 22.5" OTG on steroids.  The 561 sq in of grilling
area makes this grill 41% larger than the 22.5" model.  This 26.75" OTG has all of the
features from the 22.5” OTG as well as a few from the 22.5” OTP model. The 26.75” OTG
does not a built in work table or the integrated charcoal lighting system.  

There is no Silver, Platinum or Performer model available in this size.  The 26.75" OTG
currently costs about $300.
26.75" Weber Kettle
Worth it?
26.75" One Touch
Gold (OTG)
Hinged grate
Ash removal
Charcoal baskets
Lid thermometer
Tuck Away lid holder
Massive grill space