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Weber Grill Review
I have cooked more than my share of boneless, skinless chicken breasts on my Weber grills.  The
trick for these guys is to load them up with flavor the day before you want to grill them.  I have
three recipes that are part of my standard chicken breast rotation.  Place your chicken breasts and
one of these marinades in a gallon zip-loc bag and allow them to rest in the refrigerator overnight.  
The quantities given in the recipes are what I use for one whole boneless skinless breast (both
sides, about 1.5 lbs).

Pineapple and Ginger Marinade (Pulsed with a food processor until the ginger is well incorporated)
•        1 eight ounce can of pineapple chunks packed  in pineapple juice
•        1 knob of fresh ginger, about 1.5 inches, peeled and chopped
•        1 tablespoon salt
•        ½ cup water

Jerk Marinade (Pulsed with a food processor until a smooth paste)
•        Half teaspoon ground allspice
•        Half teaspoon ground cloves
•        Half teaspoon ground ginger
•        Half teaspoon ground garlic
•        Half teaspoon brown sugar
•        Half teaspoon lemon pepper seasoning
•        1 small yellow onion, diced
•        1 small habenero pepper, seeded and chopped
•        Juice from one lime
•        1 Tbs vegetable oil
•        1Tbs soy sauce

Maple and Honey Brine
•        Two cups water
•        Two tablespoons salt
•        Three tablespoons honey
•        Three tablespoons maple syrup.
•        One tablespoon low sodium soy sauce

The grilling principles are the same for all three recipes.  I want my chicken to be warm and dry
when it hits my hot grill, not cold and wet.  Food that is cold and wet will stick to the grill and burn
on the outside before the inside is cooked.  I also find that meat that is wet does not get very good
grill marks.

Take the chicken breasts out of its marinade or brine and gently pat dry with paper towels.  For the
pineapple chicken and the maple chicken I will add a coating of dry rub to give the chicken a little
color.  I typically eyeball the rub but it is pretty close to one tablespoon of paprika, one teaspoon of
chili powder and one teaspoon of salt.  I am not going for big flavors from the rub (that comes from
the marinade), I just want the chicken to look great when it is done.  The jerk chicken doesn’t need
a rub as it will be completely covered in seasonings.

After the chicken is dry and rubbed I will let it sit on the counter while I light and preheat the grill.  I
typically grill these on my Weber Genesis because they finish cooking in about twenty minutes.  I
don’t see the point in firing up a charcoal grill for something that cooks so fast. In general I let the
chicken sit out for 15-20 minutes but never longer than half an hour.

I put the chicken on the pre-heated grill over direct high heat and don’t touch it for five minutes.  
Learning not to touch it while the grill marks are forming was difficult for me.  I always felt like I had
to be poking at whatever I was grilling.  After five minutes I flip the breasts and do not touch for five
more minutes.  I repeat the process and after twenty minutes of grill time check the internal
temperature with an instant read digital thermometer.  As soon as the chicken hits 160F I pull it
from the grill and let it rest for 10 minutes before slicing.  
Chicken breast cooked on my Weber grill.