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Weber Grill Review
Country style ribs are not really ribs at all but are usually slices of pork butt.  I like cooking this cut of
pork on my Weber charcoal grill for a couple reasons.  The first is that you get the flavor and
juiciness of a pork butt without having to tackle a six pound block of meat.  A second reason I like
these guys is that when the butt is sliced you have a lot more surface area that can be loaded with
flavor from the rub and smoke.  Lastly I like this cut because I can get them cooked in three to four
hours instead of the twelve to thirteen required for a butt.

I start by painting the pork with a little bit of plain yellow mustard.  The mustard creates a tacky
layer that helps the rub adhere.  My
typical pork rub is primarily sugar with a little salt and chili
powder.  I will apply a heavy coat of rub to the mustard coated pork and allow the meat to rest for
about twenty minutes while I get the grill ready.

I cook these with indirect heat at about 275-300F to keep the sugar in the rub from scorching.  I will
fill one charcoal basket about 70% full and add about 15 lit coals on top that were started in a
chimney.  Both the bottom and top air vents gets set to about 85% closed and the grill usually
comes to temperature in about 15 minutes.   When the grill is ready I will add a small split of wood,
place the pork on the grill and close the lid.  I walk away for the next ninety minutes while the
smoke, rub and pork get happy inside the grill.

After the rub has set and the meat has taken up some smoke I will put the meat into a sheet of
aluminum foil and drizzle it with honey.  The meat gets wrapped into a foil pouch and then put back
on the grill, still with indirect heat, for another 90 minutes.  How long I keep the meat in the foil
depends on the final texture I am shooting for.  For this batch I wanted something firm that you
could cut with a knife and fork.  If I has wanted fall apart tender then I would have left it in the foil
for an extra ninety minutes.  You can serve the country style ribs straight out of the foil or put them
back on the grill and glaze with some sauce for twenty minutes.

The key to doing this right is being able to keep your temperature in the 275-300F range.  This is
incredibly easy with Weber grills.

Country style ribs on my Weber grill.