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Weber Grill Review
Weber Genesis Gas Grill

The 2011 Weber Genesis series is composed of three basic grill models; the 310, 320 and 330.  These grills
are available with surfaces and cabinets made from enameled (E-310, E-320 and E-330) or stainless (S-310
and S-330) steel.  These grills are also available in models designed to run off of natural gas instead of liquid
propane.  The option to go stainless versus enameled is mainly cosmetic with stainless grills costing ~$100
more than their enameled counterparts.
Weber Genesis
Grilling Surface
Worth it?
507 sq in
Heck Yes
507 sq in
3 + side
507 sq in
3+ side + sear
The Genesis line is great and is where Weber established their reputation as builders of great
gas grills.  If you are interested in learning about the patented innovations Weber has developed
for this grill I have given an overview of the
Genesis patents.  I picked up my Genesis (a 20 year
Genesis 1000 LX) on Craigslist for $25 and spent $150 on parts to refurbish.  I use her at least
three times per week and I plan on having her around for many, many years.  This product line can
get confusing as Weber likes to freshen it up on a pretty regular basis.  I have written a little bit
about the
Weber Genesis 1-5 ,  Genesis 1000-5000 and Genesis Silver, Gold and Platinum on other
pages. Older models such as these are no longer manufactured.   

The 2011 Genesis grills have identical 507 square inch grilling areas and come with 130 square inch
warming racks.  With a grill this size I could easily feed a crowd of eight to ten people.  

One of the places where the difference between the Genesis E and the Genesis S is more than
cosmetic is when it comes to the grates and Flavorizer bars.  The Genesis E comes with grates
made of porcelain enameled cast iron while the Genesis S comes with grates made with 7mm
stainless steel rods.  I personally prefer the porcelain enameled cast iron.   I think they hold heat
great and they look like they belong on a grill.  Some people prefer the stainless steel because they
think it gets hotter faster.  No right or wrong answer here, just different opinions.  The Genesis S
does have an advantage with the stainless Flavorizer bars.  The Flavorizer bars on the E series are
made of porcelain enameled steel and will need to be replaced every five years or so.  I’m not sure
how much longer the stainless ones will last but it should be at least double.

Another new feature with the 2011 Genesis is that the burner controls are now located on the front
of the grill instead of on the side table.  I point this out for two reasons.  The first reason is that
relocation of the burner controls means you now have two functional side tables to work with
instead of just one from earlier model years.  The second is that this makes it EASY to spot
merchants who still have the older models on hand.  If you see a Genesis with controls on the side
instead of the front go ahead and asked for a discount, you might get $100 to $200 off.  This is the
first time that the burner tubes on the Genesis have run from front to back instead or right to left.  
If the burner tube arrangement is important to you then take note.

Choosing between the three options will come down to which features you value.

•        The Genesis E-310 costs about $700 and is worth every penny.  If my
Genesis 1000 LX died
today this is the grill that I would immediately buy as a replacement.

•        The Genesis E-320 costs about $750 and for that extra fifty bucks you get a side burner.  
Side burners are cute but in all honesty almost never get used.  I’m not tempted.

•        The Genesis E-330 costs about $800 and gets you a side burner and a “sear station”.   The
Sear Station it is an additional burner that you can turn on to get a specific area of the grill REALLY
hot.  After the grill has been preheated with the three regular burners you can turn on the sear
station for a few minutes, superheat a portion of the grill, and get some serious grill marks on your
steak.  I don’t think a Sear Station is really ever needed but I appreciate the cool factor.  If you
were feeling flush with cash and wanted a little extra “Gee Whiz” then this might be the grill for you.

•        Stainless compared to Enameled, well, that’s just up to you.