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Weber Grill Review
Steak cooking onmy Weber grill
Grilling up a few steaks is a wonderful way to
start an evening.  A lot of folks stress out over
steak but it really is incredibly easy.

Grilling a great steak starts with picking the
right steak.  I stick with ribeyes and top sirloin.  
There is nothing wrong with a nice T-bone or
Porterhouse but I just can't bring myself to pay
$12/lb when ribeyes and sirloins are costing
half as much.  There is no reason to be
spending the big bucks on filet mignon.  All you
are buying is tender; the cut is absolutely
lacking in any inherent flavor.
I give my steak (this is a 1.3 lb sirloin) a good
coating of salt, cracked pepper, granulated
onion, and granulated garlic.  After the
seasoning is applied I let it sit on the counter to
warm while I preheat my grill.

I almost always grill steaks on my Weber
Genesis.  I don't see the point in spending 20-30
minutes getting a charcoal grill ready for
something that is going to cook in 8-10 minutes.

I light all three burners and turn them to high.  I
close the lid and let the grill get as hot as it can
for ten minutes.

After the steak has warmed for 15-20 minutes
and the grill has preheated for 10 minutes the
grilling itself is incredibly simple.  I put the steak
on the grill and close the lid for five minutes.  
After five minutes I open the grill, flip the steak
over and close the lid again.  Five minutes later
the steak is done.

Take the steak off the grill and let it rest for at
least five minutes before digging in.  I grilled this
steak for ten minutes which resulted in a
"medium" doneness; a little pink in the center.  If
you want more on the "medium rare" side then
four minutes per side will do just fine.