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Weber Grill Review
The Weber Ranch Kettle

The Weber Ranch kettle is the largest of the Weber charcoal grills with a grill diameter of 37.75".
37.75" Weber Kettle
Grilling Surface
Worth it?
The Ranch
7.76 square feet
The Ranch is one of those grills that hardcore grillers aspire to own.  I used to drive an
hour to shop at a grocery store because they had The Ranch on display.  

The surface area of The Ranch is nearly three times that of my 22.5" OTP. I have
absolutely no practical use for a grill this size but I desperately want one.  

This is a great grill for those who need to feed more than 50 people.  Civic groups, church
groups, caterers, etc.  A word of warning, you need a shovel to get all of the ashes out!

Below is a great video of the Ranch in action.  It gets loaded up with 14 ribeye steaks
and still has plenty of room to spare.  Notice the other Webers this guy has in the
Once you get over the strange formatting in this next video you can appreciate the size of this grill by the fact that
the owner is using split logs for fuel instead of charcoal!
It is very rare to find a Ranch in the stores.  Your best bet is online through Amazon.