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Weber Grill Review
Weber Smokey Joe and Go Anywhere Charcoal Grills

The smallest charcoal grills Weber makes are the Smokey Joe Silver, Smokey Joe Gold and the Weber Go Anywhere.  
These grills are great for people who are short on space or cook for only one or two people.  These grills also serve
as inexpensive backup grills and two of them are good for taking to the park, beach or a tailgate party.  All of these
grills will easily handle four big hamburgers at a time.
Small Webers
Worth it?
Smokey Joe Silver
Smokey Joe Gold
Go Anywhere
The Smokey Joes have the familiar Weber kettle shape and are equipped with a 14 inch
cooking grate which translates into 153 inches of grill space.  The Go Anywhere has a
rectangular shape and does not look like a traditional Weber charcoal grill.  The Go
Anywhere has a few more square inches of grilling area but not enough to make a

The Smokey Joe Silver is a great little grill but unlike the Gold or the Go Anywhere, the
Silver is not designed to be portable.  There is no latch to lock the lid into place while
traveling and the placement of the air vent at the bottom of the kettle means ashes can
go flying out of the ash pan during transport.  If you want a grill to sit on a table top on
your patio then the Smokey Joe Silver will meet your needs.  If you want to have a grill
that you can take to the beach then the Silver isn’t for you.

The Smokey Joe Gold was designed to be a portable grill and initially looks
very much like the Silver.  However by designing in portability Weber made
two changes that are substantial.

The good change is that the SJG has a lid lock that is also used as a carrying
handle.  An added bonus of the lid lock is that it can be flipped down while the
grill is in use and serves as a lid holder.   

The bad change is that while the Silver has its air intake vents beneath the
charcoal grate the air vents on the Gold are above the charcoal.  The vent
placement on the SJG makes sense from the standpoint of keeping ashes
contained.  However, for the SJG intake air gets pulled across the charcoal while
in the SJS intake air gets pulled through the charcoal.  The airflow matters
because this is the primary means of controlling your fire.   It is much easier to
work your fire with the SJS than with the SJG.  If you are interested in the
patents around the SJG check them out here.

The Weber Go Anywhere has a locking lid and side air vents like the Gold but
has an extra air vent on the top of the grill.  This four vent arrangement combined with
the rectangular shape eliminates the airflow problems encountered with the SJG.  
Although I wouldn’t do this on a regular basis, the side handles on the Go Anywhere
allow you to move the grill while it is being utilized (say if you needed to get it out of a
sudden rain shower).  

The Go Anywhere does not hold as much charcoal as the Smokey Joes and the coals are
closer to the grilling grate on the Go Anywhere.  As a result the Go Anywhere typically
operates with a shorter lasting fire that is hotter at the grate than experienced with the
Smokey Joes.  While some people view this as a shortcoming for the Go Anywhere I am of
the opinion that 95% of the people who will use it will never notice or care.
I've got some videos of these grills in action below.  The first video is the SJ Silver.  This should give you
a good idea of grill capacity.  An important detail to notice in this video is what he has to do with the
lid...he always sticks it on the ground when he is working the grill.  The stresses the point that the Silver
does not have a lid holder while the Gold does.
This next video is of the SJ Gold.  Okay, the video below is not the best and actually gets a little annoying at the
1:42 mark.  However I included it because it does a great job of showing how the air vents are configured as
well as the lid holder in action.
Last but not least we have the Go Anywhere.  The video is short, set to some great music and is worth the watch.
You can pick up a SJ Silver at just about anyplace that has grills for sale.  It is much harder to find the Go Anywhere
or the Smokey Joe Gold in stores.  Your best bet is through Amazon.  I have included a product wheel for these guys
below.  If you want to really trick out your Smokey Joe have a peek at the cast iron grates!!