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Weber Grill Review
Weber Spirit Gas Grill

The Weber Spirit series is composed of three grills; the E-210, E310 and E-320.  These are "entry level" grills
designed for people who want a Weber gas grill but don't want the Genesis price tag.
Weber Spirit
Grilling Surface
Worth it?
350 sq in
424 sq in
424 sq in
3 + side
I want to start with the Spirit E-210.  I cannot recommend this grill based upon size, cost and
construction.  The grilling area of the Spirit E-210 (350 sq in) is actually smaller than the
Weber Q-300 (393 sq in, Weber's two burner portable grill) but the E-210 costs almost $100
more.  Additionally I really dislike the grate that Weber has on the E-210.  
This is a thin porcelain enameled steel grate
that looks awful.

Grill marks that look like an "H"?  No, Weber
can and should do better than this.  For $400
I want to be throwing down grill marks
that I can be proud of.
The easiest knock against the Spirit E-310 is that it is a cheap grill made in China.  This comes with the
implication of lower quality.  I'm not sure that this is a valid concern as it is covered by the exact same
warranty as the Genesis and I haven't read any complaints about quality.  

If you are looking at the Spirit E-310 the direct comparison you need to be making is with the Genesis
E-310.  The Genesis is slightly larger than the Spirit and looks so much nicer.  Both grills are designed to
work great.  The Spirit is designed to work great at the lowest possible cost while the Genesis is
designed to work great and look great.  I know that what a grill looks like shouldn't be that important
but if you consider that you will be staring at this thing for 15-20 years then cosmetics do become a
relevant factor.  Is pretty worth an extra $200 to you?

If you do go with the Spirit E-310 make sure you buy it in person and not online.  I have seen the Spirit
E-310 in stores and it has a nice grate made of enameled steel rod.  The product description on Amazon
reads the exact same for the grates on this grill as it does for the E-210.  It is possible that Home Depot
has a slightly different model than online outlets.  Put your hands on it and make sure you are getting
good grates.

The Spirit E-320 is the exact same grill as the E-310 but with a side burner.  I don't like side burners
because they never get used.  The side burner is not worth the extra $50, spend the money on a good
grill pan instead.  If you are interested in the Spirit because of price then you might want to do some
research on the
Ducane grills that Weber markets.