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Weber Grill Review
Another great item to cook on your Weber grill is stuffed pork tenderloin.  These are
actually incredibly easy to prepare, look spectacular and are delicious.  If you really
want to impress your buddies just pull a few of these off your grill.  I promise that your
reputation will go up just a few notches.

Start by removing the silverskin from the tenderloin and then slice it lengthwise about
halfway through.  Place the opened tenderloin between two sheets of wax paper and
pound it flat with a mallet, frying pan, sauce pan, etc.  In about five minutes you
should be able to turn the tenderloin into a ten to twelve inch oval that’s about a
quarter inch thick.  This is a big meat pancake!

Your choice of stuffing is wide open.  Make sure that any meat you use in the stuffing
has already been cooked.  For this one I did a combination of chopped spinach, feta
cheese and crumbled bacon.  I used frozen spinach that I thawed in the microwave
and pressed the excess water out.  Make sure you season the spinach or it will taste
a little bland.  

Spread the stuffing in a thin layer evenly over the flattened tenderloin.  Roll the
tenderloin back over itself like a jelly roll and tie the ends (and preferably the middle)
with twine to make sure it doesn’t unroll while being grilled.  I use a simple rub of salt,
pepper and paprika on these.  There is already a ton of flavor on the inside of the

I set up my Weber charcoal grill for indirect grilling and get a hot fire going in one
charcoal basket.  I place the tenderloin right beside the lit charcoal basket and rotate
it every five minutes.  After about 20-25 minutes the internal temperature should hit
160F and this guy is done.  

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Stuffed pork tenderloin on a Weber grill