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Weber Grill Review
Weber Summit Gas Grills

The Weber Summit series was introduced in 1997 and has gone through multiple changes over the years.  The latest
line of grills was introduced in 2007 with a few minor tweaks over the past four years.  Their are six Summit grills
available (420, 450, 470, 620, 650 and 670). These grills are available with surfaces and cabinets made from enameled
(E-Series) or stainless (S-Series) steel.  There are also two models, S-460 and S-660, which are stainless grills meant
for installation in outdoor kitchens.
The Weber Summit grills all have excellent performance and some have serious bells and whistles.  
Any of these grills would be a great choice but the cost/benefit ratio needs to be looked at hard.

Let's start with the Summit E-420.  This four burner grill costs $550 more than the three burner
Genesis E-320 but only offers 6% more grill space.  So what are you really getting with this fourth
burner?  One thing you get is an increase in the BTU/(sq in) value.  While the 95 BTU/(sq in) of the
E-420 sounds more impressive than the 75 BTU/(sq in) of the E-320 you have to remember that
nobody has ever complained about the Genesis E-320 not getting hot enough.  The main thing the
fourth burner provides is easier indirect cooking.  If you turn off the two middle burners and leave
the two outer burners on then indirect grilling is a cakewalk.  You can also do excellent indirect
grilling on the Genesis but the Summit is much easier.  

The Summit E450 and E-470 are two grills that might be better to pass on.  True, this guys have
some good gadgets.  Both grills come with a smoker box built into the grate and an infrared burner
for the built in rotisserie.  The E-470 comes with the added feature of a Sear Station, a fifth burner
designed to lay down serious grill marks on a steak.  The smoker, sear station and IR all are

powered by their own burners.  So what is not to like about these grills?  The primary issue I have
is with the smoker box.  While the concept is cool you end up losing 70 sq in of grilling space since the
smoker is built into the grate.  This $1600 grill has less grilling area than the $750 Genesis E-320.  While I
appreciate gadgets I have more appreciation for grill space.  If you are really just in the market for a great
grill with a side burner then get the Genesis E-320 and save yourself over $800.  If you are in the market
for a high end grill with gadgets then stop being so cheap and buy the Summit E-670 for just $400 more.

The Summit 620, 650 and 670 are the top of the line grills.  If this is what you are in the market for then the
money will be well spent.  The prices are reasonable relative to the size and features you get.  

The Summit grills usually aren't carried in the big box stores; they are too expensive and the inventory
doesn't turn fast enough.  If you have a specialty grill store go buy one from them; if not then the Amazon
banner below will take you where you need to go.