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Weber Grill Review
This is a collection of posts on how I use my Weber grills.  I typically do my weekday grilling on my old Genesis
but on the weekends I break out my kettle grill.  
Cooking bratwurst on my Weber Genesis.
It is hard to go wrong grilling up some
bratwurst.  They typically take about
20 minutes with the heat set to
medium.  Pay attention and turn them
often so they don't burn.
Beef ribs cooked on a Weber kettle grill.
Something like Beef Ribs take a little
more time and care on my kettle.  
These guys took about seven hours
but it was time well spent.
This is how I grill baby back ribs.

My take on
Country Style ribs.

stuffed pork tenderloin is great.

Here are some ideas for
chicken breasts.

How about
some steak?
None of my recipes are award winners.  I have no claim at being the
world's greatest grill master.  I have these recipes out there to show
the versatility Weber grills offer and what you can accomplish when
you have a grill that actually works.