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Weber Grill Review
Weber Charcoal Grills

Weber has five sizes of charcoal grills ranging from the 14" Smokey Joe line to the
monstrous 37.5" Ranch.

Whatever size grill you need Weber is where you want to be.  The performance of
Weber charcoal grills is simply unmatched by anything else on the market.  

What sets these grills apart from their half priced knock offs is construction and design.  
These grills are constructed of porcelain enameled steel and carry a 10 year warranty
for their body.  They are designed to allow very precise control of air flowing through
the charcoal which gives unmatched performance in the ability to regulate your grill.  
Weber Charcoal Grill
For most people the best grills are going to be the 22.5 inchers.  The One Touch Gold is
a solid grill that will handle all of your routine grilling needs.  If you have plans on
getting serious about your barbecue game then you will want to upgrade to the
Platinum of Performer series.  One of the nice things about the 22.5 inch grills is the
number of cool toys that have been built specifically for them.  

The Smokey Joes are pretty cool and fun to have around.

The 26.75 incher and the Ranch take a certain type of person to get the most out of

I really don't recommend anyone buy an 18 inch grill as their primary cooker.