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Weber Grill Review

Weber has five lines of gas grills which target three different needs.

  • Weber Q:  Highly portable gas grills ($150-$350)

If you are in the market for a portable gas grill the Weber Q series is okay but it
wouldn't be a waste of time to research some other brands.  My folks have a
Weber Q and really like it.  I have mixed feelings about the grill but I think it is
because I really don't like small gas grills.  

If you are looking for a backyard griller, Weber is where you want to be.  Without
hesitation I will recommend the Weber Genesis E-310 to anyone.  

You will be tempted to save a few bucks and go with a Spirit instead of the
Genesis since the specifications are very similar between them.  If you decide to
go that route make sure that you buy the Spirit from a physical store and not
online.  The online grills often get shipped with crappy grates.
 If you are tempted
by the lower cost of the Spirits then do yourself a favor and check out Weber's
ultra-low entry point backyard grillers, the
Ducane Affinity grills.

If you are looking at the Summit line, well, good for you!  The Summits are
excellent grills but some of them simply are not worth the price tag.  I've got the
details broken out in detail in the tab to the right.