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Weber Grill Review
Weber Smokey Mountain

I like Weber gas grills.
I love Weber charcoal grills.
I am in complete awe of the Weber smokers.

This smoker is the best product available ANYWHERE for cooking "low and slow".  
I have had cooks where I have loaded my WSM with lit charcoal and come back
12 hours later and it is still at the exact same temperature.

There is a wonderful discussion forum for this smoker located
The Virtual Weber Bullet.  Go to the forum, read about this
incredible product and make some friends.  When you are ready
to buy one do it through their forum so they get credit with Amazon.

This is the best product
of any kind that I have ever bought.

Below is a video review of the WSM from the owner/moderator
of the Virtual Weber Bullet.  The video is a little dated and does
not cover the latest upgrades to the 18.5 inch smoker.  It also
does not cover the newly introduced 22.5 inch smoker.  That's
okay though, you will learn all about those over at his site.