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Weber Grill Review
First off, thanks for coming by my site about Weber grills and checking things out.  I appreciate your time and I’ll
try not to waste it.

I built this site about Weber grills for a couple of reasons.  I will need to share three things about myself though
before it will make any sense.  

#1.        I love to grill; it’s one of those things in life that makes me happy.  Even though I always loved to grill
the fact of the matter is that for many, many years I was not very good at it.  It was very frustrating and upsetting
to want to be good at something that I enjoyed and not be able to do it properly.  I guess it’s a little like golf in a

#2.        I am a cheapskate.  Ask my wife or favorite character on SpongeBob is Mr. Krab.  This character
trait was causing me a lot of pain because even though I wasn’t very good at grilling I had to keep spending
money on my hobby.  I was buying these cheap gas and charcoal grills at the big box stores.  Every year they
would either rust through or fall apart and I would have to go buy another one.  I always saw the Weber grills
sitting there but never considered buying one since they cost so much more than the other grills.

#3.        I love to learn.  I wanted to figure out how to build a website.  I wanted to learn more about Weber
grills.  This seemed like a natural combination.

Okay…so one day I was at Wal-Mart, looking at the cheap grills again, when I saw a floor model of an 18.5 inch
Weber One Touch Silver charcoal grill.  It cost $70 which I thought was pretty danged expensive considering there
was another kettle style grill right beside it that cost $30.  I must have been feeling rich that day because I said to
myself, “What the heck, it is still under $100” and decided to spend the extra $40.  

I got this guy home and had it assembled in less than 30 minutes.  As I started learning how to use the grill I was
amazed at how incredibly easy it was to control the charcoal.  Fire too cool?  Just open up the bottom vents.  Got
big flare ups?  Just close the vents.  This was the first grill I ever owned that actually worked.  

I realized that my past efforts at grilling were so frustrating because I was spending most of my time fighting my
grills and trying to control the temperature.  Once I started to use a Weber grill temperature control was easy and
I could start focusing on the food.  Life got much better and I became a massive Weber fan.  

While I love my 18 inch grill I quickly realized that this guy was too small for me.  It was great for hamburgers and
bratwurst but was too small to handle larger cuts like spare ribs.  And so, once again, I decided to buy another
grill.  This time I did my research and bought the 22 inch Weber Platinum.

Making the switch over to Weber grills was a hard process for me.  Before I bought my first Weber grill for $70 I
suspect I spent over $400 on eight or nine other grills as I replaced them over the years.  I thought I was saving
money by getting cheaper grills but that just doesn’t work.  Even after I decided I wanted to buy a Weber grill I
still had a hard time.  Weber makes over fifty different grills and I had no idea which one I should get.  

And thus this site was born.  This site is an excuse for me to mess around with grills, learn new things and try to
help people down an easier path to Weber grill ownership than the one I took.  If you decide to purchase a Weber
grill through one of my Amazon links I thank you very much.  

If you are as cheap as me and the thought of buying a new Weber causes you some pain then head over to
Craigslist.  If you live anywhere close to a major city you will find great old Weber grills selling for under $100 and
you can easily get the parts you need to fix them up online.