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Weber Grill Review
I strongly recommend that whenever possible you buy your Weber grill at a local hardware store after you have
checked it out in person. There are some grills though that you probably won't find locally.  These just don't turn
over fast enough for stores to keep them in inventory.  I'm talking about grills like the Ranch, Platinum, Smokey
Joe Golds, blue, green or red grills and Weber Smokey Mountains.  I've added these to an Amazon product wheel
below.  Again, buy them local if you can!
Lastly, to up your grilling game you will need a serious meat thermometer.  The gold standard is the Thermapen.  
This guy is SUPER FAST (~3 sec) and highly accurate.  Cooking burgers and steaks to order gets a whole lot simpler
with a tool like this.  The downside of the Thermapen is the cost.  Performance does equal price in this case as this
guy will set you back about $90.  If that is more money than you are willing to part with (fully understandable) then
please invest in its little brother, the RT600C.  This guy is just as accurate but not quite as fast.  It also only costs
about $25. Money very well spent.

A second essential is gloves.  I have two types a gloves, one for dealing with hot grills and the other for dealing
with hot food. For dealing with hot grills (removing grates to recover food that has slipped through, bumping hot
charcoal chimneys, etc) You will need a pair oh insulated leather gloves.  I have added the Weber gloves below but
realy any insulated leather gloves will work just fine.  For dealing with hot food (whole chickens, pork roasts,
briskets, etc) you will need a quality pair of silicone gloves.  I have added the Butterball Carving gloves below.  
They are okay; I won't give them a raving recommendation, will just say that they get the job done.  Finally I
added a serious grill brush as well as some good grill cleaner.  I like the long handled Weber brush as I can really
get into curves and corners.
Two ways to get more fun from your grill are to add a rotisserie or to make some pizza!  A word of caution if you
are working with a charcoal grill, the charcoal rotisserie ONLY FITS the 22 inch grill, not the 18 or 26 inch.  Also, the
pizza stone requires a minimum of a 22 inch charcoal grill or the 300 series gas grill.  For pizza I have included a
stone (with NICE handles), a peel, and a book.  I also added a complete kit to convert your grill into a pizza oven!
Equally important, I have included a non-contact IR thermometer.  It really helps to understand your stone temp
when making pies on the grill.  Yep, you can make fine pizza without the IR gun.  However, the IR gun helps, it is
fun to play with and will actually come in surprisingly useful for a lot of other stuff around the house.

I am not going to try to tell you that you will use these toys everyday or that they will make you a master of the
grill.  I will say that they are very fun to play with and that they make great gifts for that griller who "has