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Weber Grill Review
18.5” Weber Charcoal Grills
Weber makes two 18.5” charcoal grills, the One Touch Silver (OTS) and the One Touch Gold (OTG).
Weber Kettle
Worth it?
18.5" OTS
18.5" OTG
Hinged grate
Ash Removal
The 18.5” grills are a difficult call to make because of their cost (big plus) and size (big
minus).  Both the OTS and the OTG perform great.  It is easy to control your charcoal
with these grills and they are head and shoulders above any knock of grills you’ll find at
half the price.  Quality and performance are non-issues.  

The biggest concern with the 18.5” grill is simply the size.  I bought an 18.5” OTS and
while I loved it (and still have it) I did eventually buy a 22.5” Weber kettle because
sometimes 18.5” really wasn’t big enough.  The size difference between an 18.5” grill
and a 22.5” grill is much greater than you might intuitively think.  The available grilling
surface area for these circular grills is: (3.14)x(radius)x(radius) =

•        18.5” grill = 268 square inches of grilling area
•        22.5” grill = 397 square inches of grilling area
•        (397)/(268) =
48% more grilling area with a 22.5” grill

In reality an 18.5” grill is practical for feeding 4-6 people but it can get cramped.  Life
gets much simpler when you have the extra space provided by a 22.5” grill.

Size issues aside, the $70 price point of the OTS is very attractive.  This is a highly
affordable grill that is great to have at the camp, to give as a gift, or to gently introduce
you to the Weber family.  Heck, it might be worth having one as a secondary grill.  Keep
your eyes open on Craigslist and you can sometimes find these used for $10-$20.

The grill I cannot recommend is the 18.5” One Touch Gold.  Don’t get me wrong, it is
a great grill.  The hinged grate is awesome and the ash removal system is deluxe.  The
problem with this grill is that it costs $130.  If you are willing to spend $130 then go
ahead and spend twenty dollars more to get the 22.5” OTG instead.  For a mere 15%
price increase you will get a 48% larger grill with the same features.  The difference
between $130 and $150 is next to nothing.  The difference between 18.5” and 22.5” is