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Weber Grill Review
Portable Weber Gas Grills

Weber offers four different takes on the portable gas grill, the Go Anywhere, Q-100, Q-200 and Q-300.   Variants of
these grills are offered with the Q-120, Q-220 and Q-320.  Stuck in the middle is a Q-140 which is a small electric grill.
Weber Portable Gas
Grilling Surface
Worth it?
Go Anywhere
160 sq in
189 sq in
189 sq in
280 sq in
280 sq in
393 sq in
393 sq in
This is a tough category for me as I am not a fan of portable gas grills in general as they tend to be
underpowered.  I believe the Q-series runs at about 50 BTU/(sq in) compared to about 75 BTU/(sq
in) for a typical backyard gasser. I will start by noting that there are some problems with all of
these grills but that may just come with the trade offs you have to make when designing portable
gas grills.

The Weber Go Anywhere is an inexpensive, portable little hot dog cooker.  There is nothing wrong
with that, just don't expect this little guy to lay down serious grill marks on an inch thick ribeye.  

In moving up from a Go Anywhere to the Q-100 you get a little more grill room, a nicer grate, a
sleek modern design and a potential headache.  All the same applies with the Q-120 but you also
get a side table.  The potential headache will depend on whether or not the grill comes with a good
regulator for the small propane bottles.  Looking at different reviews I'll estimate that around 5% of
users have regulator problems that makes them very unhappy with this grill.  This grill costs more
than double a Go Anywhere, is only a little larger and sometimes doesn't work.  I'll pass on this.

The Q-200 and Q-220 have the same regulator issue as the Q-100 and Q-120.  However, we have
now moved up in grill size to 280 sq in.  This is enough of a size difference that it is worth
considering over the Go Anywhere.  Again, the Q-series has a very sleek design and makes a nice
addition to a patio.  If you do get a Q-200 go ahead and spend the extra $25 bucks to get the
adapter to run off of a standard propane tank instead of those annoying bottles.  My best estimate
is that you get about 45 minutes of grilling from a little propane bottle.  Trust me, you will run out of
propane midway through a cook and it will be annoying.

The Q-300 and Q-320 do not suffer from the same regulator issues as their little brothers as these
boys run off of a standard propane bottle.  The grilling surface of the Q-300 is actually larger than
Weber's introductory backyard gasser, the Spirit 210.  This grill is large enough to do some cooking.